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Companions on the Journey

School Profile


St Andrew’s School is a double stream co-educational parish school with an enrolment of approximately 400 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school was established in 1996 by the Archdiocese of Perth and thus has a long tradition of providing outstanding Catholic education in the Clarkson area. The school retains a strong link to the Josephite Sisters and the Blessed Mary Mackillop.

St Andrew’s is a multicultural community, consisting of children from many ethnic backgrounds. The school offers an innovative child -centred curriculum with specialist tuition in, Digital Technology, Indonesian, STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), Music and Physical Education. Emphasis is given to the care and development of each child as an individual and a contributing member of the community.

Our aim is to provide an academic program appropriate to the needs of each individual; while providing a social climate that heightens awareness of independence and co-operation. Where possible,  children with disabilities are integrated into mainstream school life.

The School Board has as its primary responsibility the financial management of the school. The Parents and Friends Association have a strong commitment to develop and provide resources to meet the needs of all students.

Teaching Students about our School Motto and Emblem

Background information

Fun fact – St Simon Peter CPS was established prior to St Andrew’s CPS with ‘Saint Peter’ being the brother of ‘Saint Andrew’.

Our Motto

‘Companions on the Journey’ is founded in the implicit understanding that all members of the Saint Andrew’s School community are called to walk with and believe in the love of our God. We embrace Catholic community as a way of supporting each other through teaching and living the Gospel values that Jesus asks us to espouse and display. This is done by incorporating the ‘Making Jesus Real’ program into our daily lives.

Our School Emblem

Pictorially parallels with our motto by displaying the Church, the home of God. The ‘Holy Spirit’ (dove) in the centre is facing downwards to represent the ‘Holy Spirit’ descending down on us all in our school community. Inside the building are the waters of Baptism signifying being bathed in Christ. The tongues of fire and the Holy Spirit are signs of God being with his baptised followers who are members of his Church and by extension ‘Companions on the Journey’.

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