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Code of Conduct

Companions on the Journey

  • We use 97% fat free chicken meat and low-fat cheese.
  • We promote healthy food eating guidelines and follow the Star Choice Canteen Awards, National Heart Foundation and the Canteen Traffic Light Healthy Food Guidelines.
  • All foods are low in fat and salt.


Please note orders after 9.00am, incorrect orders or teacher’s note will be given a cheese sandwich at the cost of $3.10c for sandwich and lunch bag. If the money for your child’s lunch order is insufficient, an alternate lunch will be provided to suit the money enclosed. Outstanding accounts will be sent a note home to families. When placing a cash lunch order, you must supply a lunch order bag and correct money.

Download the Canteen Menu


Procedure for Ordering Lunches

(All orders must be in by 9:00am)
Could you please include your child’s name, class (blue or white) and order on the front of your lunch bag along with the correct money. Bags are available from the Canteen for $1.00 for 10 bags or 10c each bag.

10c will be charged if lunch order is not on a bag.

Could you please fold the bag no staples or tape and if you wish to wrap the money please just wrap in tissue (not cling wrap or foil). Each family member must have their own lunch bag.

If money is placed in the oldest family member’s bag, please write on the other child’s bag, the name and class (blue or white) of the child with the money. If a child who has ordered lunch goes home sick it is up to the parent to notify the Canteen by 9.00am so that a refund can be given.


Healthy Eating

We only use wholemeal bread. Where possible we use low fat and low salt products and those approved by the Canteen Association and the Heart Foundation.


Canteen Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome and are vital to the operation of the Canteen—without your help the canteen could not operate. If you can spare some time, we’d love to hear from you.

Download the Helping in the Canteen Form


On-Line Ordering with QuickCliq

Brochures are available from the canteen or front office.
Lunch bags are provided only when ordering on-line.


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