Children can be collected from the 'Kiss 'n' Ride' gate on Victorsen Parade, the oval gate on Waring Green, the gate near Administration or their classrooms. Please follow the road markings when waiting in the queue for the 'Kiss and Ride'. There is no parking in the "Kiss 'n' Ride" zone at any time. Children who are not picked up by 3.00 pm will wait at the office and are picked up from there. Parking within the school grounds is for staff, delivery and ACROD parking only and is controlled by automated gates.


The car parks alongside the school are on school property and SMOKING is not permitted on school grounds. If you wish to smoke, please park elsewhere. The car park in Anthony Waring has vacant spaces most days so you can make use of this area for parking and walking into the school if our car parks are full. The pressure time on our car parks is 10 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Please allow extra time so you do not put our children at risk.

            Drop Off Pick Up Map